Milk and Blood
Milk and Blood: The Making of South Sudan.
We came to cover the birth of the world's newest nation
What we found blew our minds

Milk and Blood brings together three years of on the ground reporting by award-winning photographer Trevor Snapp and acclaimed journalist Alan Boswell.

Dive into the world we found, in a format never before possible

Milk and Blood is unlike any book you've ever owned. Video, audio, long-form narrative, and stunning photography. All on your iPad. As we report, the book grows: and updates automatically on your shelf.

Coming this Fall.

Experience what we experienced. Read. Watch. Listen. Question
Milk and Blood

A book about the making of South Sudan.

Millions died in Sudan's civil war. It was the 20th century's longest conflict, and one of its bloodiest. In 2005, the world brokered a peace agreement that concluded with the independence of South Sudan last year.

The West spent billions of dollars to midwife this new country. But, today, instead of one troubled nation ruled by despots, there are two. And peace is looking increasingly like war.

Now what? Has freedom really arrived for South Sudanese? Did the war really end? Will the South Sudan's oil wealth bring prosperity, or pain? Can the state-builders of the West somehow succeed? What have the people won for their struggle and sacrifice?

We don't know all the answers. But we sure have lots of questions.

We'll show you why.